Daily brushing and flossing is not always enough to maintain proper dental hygiene. Consumption of foods such as coffee or tea can cause stains that are difficult to remove with simple brushing, and tartar always finds a place in the mouth to settle there. To remove both surface stains and tartar, there is a procedure that is recommended at least once a year: a hygienic cleaning with scaling and polishing.

A dental cleaning is a simple procedure that is performed to enhance oral hygiene and remove tartar and plaque. This procedure should always be performed by a professional dentist or hygienist, who will almost certainly call this procedure a “hygiene appointment” because that is what it is called in dentistry.

The Process of
Teeth Cleaning

This procedure should always be carried out by a professional, who will perform an inspection, examining each tooth and checking the patient’s gingival health. This will help you determine if the patient needs hygiene and what factors should be taken into account during the process. Once the professional has determined that the patient is in need of hygiene, he or she will begin the teeth cleaning process, which consists of two main parts: using dental cleaning instruments like ultrasonic teeth cleaning and cleaning with prophylaxis paste.

  1. The treatment begins with ultrasonic tooth cleaning. A scaler is used for this process, it is an instrument for dental cleaning that has a vibrating tip and expels water. The pressurised water is introduced into the gingival margins, removing and dislodging tartar or calculus. The water pressure and vibration also help to remove surface stains from food, tea, coffee and tobacco.
  2. Once the professional has passed the scaler over all the teeth, a brush with a rotating head is used to help spread a prophylaxis paste. This paste helps to remove both stains and bacterial plaque.

Once this process has been completed, if the professional has observed that the patient can improve their daily dental hygiene, they will give them indications and recommendations for maintaining correct hygiene at home.

Different Types of Teeth Cleaning
Performed by Dentists

1) Prophylaxis dental cleaning

Prophylaxis refers to disease prevention. This is a general teeth cleaning procedure that involves standard brushing and polishing. The prophylaxis cleaning is designed for those who have healthy mouths. The procedure aims at removing unwanted accumulations like plaque build-up, and stains on teeth surface to prevent cavities and gum infections. The procedure involves

  • Taking x-rays
  • Brushing the teeth with a gritty paste
  • Cleaning the interdental spaces
  • Polishing the teeth surfaces
  • Applying fluoride or dental sealants

If you maintain good teeth cleaning routine and visit your dentist regularly, you don’t need invasive cleaning procedures. Prophylaxis dental cleaning will ensure your teeth’ cleanliness.

2) Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and Root Planing are quite invasive (but not surgical) procedures that are supposed to disinfect spaces below the gum line. Beginning with removing the plaque deposits on the gum line, the procedure is followed by a deep cleaning of the gum line and teeth’ surrounding structures. This is why it is also referred to as a deep cleaning of the teeth.

It is widely performed for periodontal disease patients to protect their gums. Deep cleanings for gums that are in the initial stage of infection (Gingivitis) are performed in a single appointment. However, the procedure becomes more intensive for those with advanced gum diseases (like Periodontitis) and requires multiple appointments.

The deep cleaning technique is finished by smoothing the teeth’ root surfaces, regardless of the severity of the infection. It is called root planing which aims at reattaching the gums to the teeth.

3) Full Mouth Debridement

Full Mouth Debridement, (FMD) also known as Gross Debridement is widely prescribed for people who don’t brush their teeth correctly and haven’t had their teeth checked in a long time. Such poor oral care routine is followed by developing plaque and tartar in all areas of the mouth.

Hence a teeth cleaning method that thoroughly works to remove such severe build-up of plaque on teeth surfaces, gums, and spaces between the teeth. It involves using ultrasonic tools to loosen the hardened plaque deposits.

In certain cases, FMD is performed before prophylaxis dental cleaning. Clinical findings from a dentist’s oral evaluations are used to determine it.

4) Periodontal Care

Periodontal care is the regular cleaning of the gums to combat periodontal disease. The difference between other dental cleanings and periodontal care is that they need to be done frequently (i.e. every 3-4 months). This is because gum disease progresses and even loosens teeth if left untreated.

Therefore, dentists perform periodontal care during teeth cleaning in patients with gum disease.

The procedure involves removing plaque and tartar between the teeth and gums up to where the root, gum, and bone meet. These gum pockets are then irrigated with an antiseptic medication to remove infections and prevent bacterial growth.

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By visiting your dentist regularly, you protect your teeth from gum disease (periodontal disease), tooth decay, and other problems. It’s also an ideal opportunity for your dentist to provide preventative care and treatment. To schedule a professional cleaning today, contact Dentist of Aventura.

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